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Heidelberg QuickMaster DI 46-4 Plus
Among the best printing presses in the world, the QMDI 4 color press boasts true-to-life full color imaging. Documents can be sent straight from the computer to the system’s memory for plating. Click here to learn more.
Color Capability: 1 to 4 Color, Press Quality
Sheet Thickness: .002” to .016”
Sheet Sizes: 5.51” x 3.5” to 18.11” x 13.39”
Heidelberg QuickSetter 300 & PrintMaster
A powerful combination, the QuickSetter images plates at the exact size required by the PrintMaster press. This 2 color printer is great for quick jobs or for adding an accent color to primarily black ink documents.
Color Capability: 1 & 2 Color, Press Quality
Sheet Thickness: .0016” to .012”
Sheet Sizes: 5.51” x 3.5” to 18.11” x 13.39
Ryobi 3200 PFA
A perfector press that allows simultaneous printing on both sides of the page. The machine can output up to 10,000 sheets per hour and is great for large runs of simpler document styles.
Color Capability: 1 Color
Sheet Thickness: .0016” to .012”
Sheet Sizes: 5.12” x 3.54” to 17.72” x 13.39”
Konica Minolta Colorforce 8050 Copier
The Colorforce provides fast, high quality digital copies at low cost. Capable of printing from hard copy scans or digital files on a networked computer, this machine is perfect for a variety of short run print jobs. Duplex, sort, and staple functions are also available.
Color Capability: Full Color, Digital Quality
Max Sheet Size: 19” x 13”
Max Speed: 50 Color sheets/min
KM-C2030 Color Copier
Provides a basic, quality copy. Like the Coloforce, this machine is capable of accepting scans or files from a networked computer. It can also sort, staple, and duplex documents.
Color Capability: Full Color, Digital Quality
Sheet Sizes: 6” x 4” to 18” x 12.25”
Max Speed: 20 Color or 31 B&W sheets/min
Secap 22K
This compant, lightweight jet printer makes direct mail and variable data printing a snap. In addition to addressing mail and properly coding it for postal discounts, the Secap can also print logos and images on your mail piece and, with optional color cartridges, it can print in up to 3 colors.
Sheet Thickness: Up to .125"
Sheet Sizes: 3" x 5" to 13" x 15.5"
Max Speed: 22,000 pieces/hr
Horizon Collator, Stitcher/Folder, & Trimmer
These machines makes creating booklets and newletters a snap. The collator places pages in a precise order, even notifying the operator of missing or double pages. The stitcher/folder offers multiple binding options, while the trimmer ensures a perfect finish ever time.
Collating Speed: Up to 3,500 sets/hr
Sheet Sizes: 5.8” x 8.3” to 12.5” x 18.5”
MBO Folder
This pile-fed folding machine features anti-static plates and MBO’s patented spiral fold rollers to ensure tight, even folding for any size job. Optional equipment enables the machine to perform complex and multiple folds.
Sheet Sizes: 4.25” x 4.25” to 21” x 33”
Max Speed: Over 600 folds/min
Graphic Whizard GW 3000
A 3-in-1 finishing tool, this machine can score, perforate, and number nearly any sheet. The GW 3000 is equipped with 2 heads, allowing it to take on more complex jobs.
Sheet Sizes: 5” x 3” to 18” x 18”
Max ,Speed: 3,000 sheets/hour
Polar-Mohr High Speed Cutter
Whether it’s cutting paper to size for print or trimming a completed job, this cutter is accurate and efficient.
Max Sheet Size: 26.38”
Minimum Cut Width: .59”
Max Speed: 20 cycles/min
USI CSL 2700 Laminator
The CSL 2700 provides smooth, durable lamination, no matter what needs protection. A great tool for creating anything from posters to playing cards.
Max Sheet Size: 27”
Max Speed: 60”/min
GBC Binder
Also known as a plastic comb binder, this piece of equipment is one of several types of book binding. The GBC Binder punches over a dozen rectangular holes into the margin of the book, then places a series of connected plastic teeth into the spaces. When the ring of teeth snaps shut, the book is bound.
Paper Drill
A small machine similar to a drill press, capable of hole-punching many pages simultaneously. Comes with a variety of drill sizes to perform multiple functions.








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